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Legal job search is never easy. Write a great legal resume. Let it speak about you and your skills. Are you searching for a legal job? To make your legal resume writing and job search process more efficient, follow these simple steps.

In today’s digital age, job hunting is usually reduced to a resume that includes a printed name. First impressions are everything, and often these impressions are formed according to the name that appears on the resume. Can your name impact your job search? Unfortunately, the answer is yes. Especially, if your name is on the exotic side of the spectrum. In other words, if your resume does not include a familiar Anglo-sounding name, chances are you may be getting short-changed when it comes to landing an interview.

In today’s ultracompetitive job market, getting an interview is an achievement. However, according to hiring managers many top candidates are sabotaging their chances of success. What are they doing and how can you avoid making these mistakes yourself?

Document review work can help pay the bills for laid-off lawyers, but is it a career killer?