Why You Should Avoid Attorney Resume Templates

Copying an attorney resume template from the Internet may seem like a simple and inexpensive solution to your attorney resume needs, but it may also mean ending up with a resume that looks like everyone else. When you are trying to get an employer to notice your resume using a template simply defeats the purpose!

In this particular day-in-age when the Internet makes life easier, it is simple to follow the bandwagon and use resume templates to write an attorney resume. There are so many templates provided over the Internet, even a sample attorney resume templates are readily available at the touch of a button. Do you think you are alone creating your resume from this template? Think again. Surveys show that for every free attorney resume template available, an average of two hundred (200) users per month are lifting those templates to create their own attorney resumes.

That’s over two thousand (2,000) of look-alike attorney resumes per year, per template! When a very large number of legal applicants use the same attorney resume template, which is inevitable, recruiters and human resource personnel have a difficult time finding a resume that stands out among those various applicants. Hence, using a resume format from a template is clearly not advisable.

Your attorney resume should be unique enough to reveal your work style and personality. A proper balance between originality and professionalism is vital to drafting an effective attorney resume. Your resume is your first and initial presentation to a prospective employer, and therefore it should be original, well written, and reflective of your particular skills and experiences. One of the key elements of a successful attorney resume is for that resume to stand out from the crowd and be as unique as you. Legal employers recognize attorney resume templates from a mile away. Chances are, they have seem them over and over.

In addition to your attorney resume not standing out, using a template may also indicate to a prospective employer that you are not willing or able to take the time to craft a resume from scratch, and may reflect negatively on your skills as an attorney. In the long run, a do-it-yourself approach to your attorney resume that involves using a template may do more harm than good. Be on the safe side and take the time to create an attorney resume that is unique to you. If you do not know where to start, consider reaching out to legal resume writers who create resumes that are made specifically for you. They may also be just a click away!

By: Denise Werner

Date: 11/22/21