Great Attorney Cover Letters For Greater Employment Opportunities

Great lawyer resumes should be paired with excellent attorney cover letters. This is an applicant’s first chance to catch the attention of an employer as it is usually read before the resume. Employers read this document only for a minute or two to determine if your resume is worth examining. So be direct and go straight to the point.

Catch their attention instantly by mentioning what makes you stand out from the rest. Make sure you highlight the skills and experiences that fit the company’s needs and values. Keep in mind, however, that your cover letter is an introduction to your resume, not a biography. Therefore, be sure to keep it brief and to the point. And never be caught with typographical errors; instead show off your writing skills. Emphasize the important elements: who you are, what you have to offer, and how you may be contacted.

The first paragraph should contain a few well-crafted sentences about you. Identify the position that interests you. This part can be boring as you are stating facts, but try to present them with a lively tone by injecting ideas that hint at your capabilities. If you have an impressive record of accomplishments, mention a few of them and explain how these experiences will contribute to your performance on the job. If you are trying to shift to a different field, explain how the company and the position can benefit from your professional background. Also describe the strengths that will help you succeed at this new venture. Somehow this paragraph should propel the employer to continue reading.

The next paragraph should focus on details of your experiences, skills, and achievements. This is where you explain points in your resume that need clarification. For example, if at some point in your career you were not working, explain briefly why, but follow it up with a list of activities that you engaged in during that time, and expound on how they have made you a well rounded professional. This is the chance for you to lay down all your aces. Instead of discussing the skills and values that every lawyer is expected to possess, delve on those that make you stand out from the rest. Make your explanations brief, emphasizing on how they can help the company’s goals. For a more organized look, you can use bullets or numbers to present your points.

The last paragraph should be used as an opportunity to thank the employer for the time taken to consider you for employment. The previous paragraphs should have communicated your message and hopefully convinced your potential employer that you have what it takes to join the company. Briefly wrap up your strong points and express your interest in getting the job. Tell them that you are looking forward to being contacted for an interview. Finally, end your letter with a friendly salutation.

By: Denise Werner

Date: 05/07/18