Drafting A Resume For Your Law School Application

If you are applying to slaw school, chances are that you may be required to submit a resume as part of your application. The resume is playing an increasingly important role in the law school application process. Here are some important reasons why putting a resume together for law school applications can be a useful exercise that may yield benefits beyond the application process itself.

For many, putting a resume together for a law school application may be the first time they have done so. That said, crafting a resume can serve as the creative starting point for law school applicants to start developing some career goals and objectives. Distilling all relevant educational, professional, and extracurricular experiences into a coherent one-page resume can be an eye-opening exercise. This step is helpful to many law school applicants because it can reveal overarching themes in their work and activities or bring to light key selling points in their profile.

Nearly every top law school requires a resume. This is usually requested as part of the written application. Even a law school does not request a resume per se; they will likely solicit similar information within their application forms such as employment history, educational background, etc. Moreover, a resume can be used as barometer of an applicant’s drafting skills and experiences. Providing the law school admission offers with a polished, coherent, and well-written resume is a great way to demonstrate one’s potential for the study of law.

The resume can also be used as starting point in the overall law school admission strategy. In other words, rather than start with the essays and recommendations, the resume can serve as a useful summary of your experiences that may be shared with references that are for drafting those recommendation letters, and can be used as a roadmap to tackle some of the essays.

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By: Claire Bellon

Date: 01/26/23