Conducting An Attorney Job Search During A Recession – Part 3

Conducting an attorney job search is a full-time job. It’s also more challenging because you will have to compromise, resist the temptation to broaden your search, network with no immediate success, take a lot of rejection, and have just as many bills to pay.

Train to win the race, but don’t overdo it.

You need to train for your attorney job search – and if you have to channel images of Rocky and blast “Eye of The Tiger” to do it, go for it. The first step is to make a plan, and to stick to it:
  • Step 1: Keep the same habits as when you were working. Get up, get dressed, make your coffee, and get started in your “home office.”
  • Step 2: Make a “to do” list, no more than 10 items, and make sure to get to all of them by the end of the day.
  • Step 3: Keep regular office hours. Resist the temptation to change them because you are tired, feeling anxious, want to do more, or find yourself distracted.
Just as it is important to be rigorous in your approach to your attorney job search, make sure you do not overdo it. Because this is an especially stressful time, be sure to also spend quality time with family, friends, and support groups. Take time to exercise or enjoy those activities and hobbies that make you happy and relaxed. It’s all about keeping a delicate balance.

Searching for a job can be a challenging, stressful, and ultimately necessary. Sometimes even the most determined job seeker can have difficulty staying motivated when he or she receives little response from prospective employers or, sometimes worse, polite rejections. How can you keep the motivation going?
  • Stay Connected. Spend time with friends, preferably those who are still employed. While you can commiserate and help those in your situation, remember that a positive attitude is just as catchy as a negative one. So stay connected with people who are positive.
  • Exercise. It doesn’t matter what you do, or how long you do it. Just getting the blood moving through your veins will make you feel better, pump up your adrenaline, and help you stay positive and energetic.
  • Get Out of the House. It’s easy to get stuck in front of the computer and the TV and let the day pass you by. Don’t stay home all week; be sure to make lunch appointments, take coffee breaks outside, or just take a walk.
  • Take a Break from the News. While you want to stay on top of current events, it’s easy to get sucked into a spiral of negative news about the job market. Mix it up a little. Skip the news once in a while, and read articles unrelated to the economy, career, jobs, etc.
  • Have Some Fun. While it’s easier said than done, life goes on and so should you. Take some time to do the things you enjoy, pick-up the hobbies you did not have time for when you were working, or find new hobbies and interests.  
Conducting an attorney job search is a full-time job. It is easy to get off track, to get distracted, and to become unmotivated. So remember to stay focused, organized, and to set goals. Just as importantly, you need to stay motivated because a positive attitude can go a long way to ensuring success. Remember: be diligent with respect to your job search, but don’t forget to enjoy life.

By: Vanessa Vidal

Date: 02/21/23