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50 Hot Attorney Resume Tips
By: Karen Anderson

While professional resume writers will agree that there are many ways to create a successful attorney resume, there are some basic rules of thumb that most of them follow when writing a resume.   Here are 50 hot resume-writing tips that can help your attorney resume, regardless of who does the resume writing:

•    Proofread your attorney resume for grammar, spelling, typos, and factual errors
•    Use consistent and traditional font size and styles
•    Avoid graphics completely when creating your attorney resume
•    Use upper case letters sparingly and only when appropriate
•    Avoid colorful or fancy stationary, and opt for white or cream instead
•    Use bullets to make you attorney resume easier to read
•    Include volunteer/community service work if work experience is light
•    Set resume margins no smaller than .5,
•    Avoid personal pronouns like "I", "my" and "me"
•    List only the city and state of past employers rather than the full address
•    Do not include names of references on the resume
•    Do not include “references available upon request”
•    Focus on the top 30-40% of the resume; it’s what gets the most attention
•    Include all of your position titles under each employer
•    Include page numbers if the resume is more than one page
•    Add your “LinkedIn” address if you have one
•    Stay away from resume blaster services
•    Your online profile is not the same as an attorney resume
•    Use tables to align columns and remove lines
•    Use a professional email address on your resume
•    Hyperlink your email and LinkedIn address
•    Do not place information above your name
•    Set resume font sizes no smaller than 10 points
•    Recent law school graduates should put education at the top of the resume
•    Experienced attorneys can move education to the bottom
•    Try to keep your attorney resume to two pages or less
•    Not every attorney resume requires an objective statement
•    Write a strong "Summary of Qualifications/Skills" section
•    Include “keywords” on your attorney resume
•    Identify specific successful outcomes on your attorney resume
•    Use specific practice examples to demonstrate achievements
•    If you are no longer employed update your dates: 2000-2009
•    Include a separate section with your bar admission and include dates
•    Research advantages of the Chronological resume versus Functional resume
•    Be consistent with date formats on the resume: 09/02, Sep 02, Sep 2002
•    Tailor your attorney resume to each position you are applying to
•    Get others to proofread your attorney resume and be open to criticism
•    It is not necessary to include every job you have ever had
•    Keep all resume content relevant to the type of positions you are seeking
•    Do not include your hobbies or other personal interests on your attorney resume
•    Include publications, speaking engagements, and other professional activities
•    Resumes, cover letters, and thank-you letters should have the same format
•    Do not leave unexplained gaps on your attorney resume
•    Never lie on your attorney resume; honesty is the only policy
•    Do not use legalese or abbreviations on your attorney resume
•    Use Action/Active verbs to describe accomplishments
•    Use short paragraphs. 3-5 sentences maximum
•    Do not omit your graduation dates, it will not prevent age discrimination
•    Make sure your resume contact information is current
•    Consider working with a professional resume writer

Date: 06/23/11
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